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Real-time access to GNSS data streams of stations or PPP corrections are available on a Ntrip Caster. The Caster is the nerve center of the communications since all the real-time data in input or output pass through it. The advantage of using a Caster as part of the demonstrator is to use a standard transmission protocol already defined and thus to be able to use all the existing tools compatible with this standard. REGINA mission center uses professional BKG NtripCaster tool allowing real time data dissemination on internet for different users.

The BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) is a program for simultaneously retrieving, decoding, converting and processing real-time GNSS data streams. It has been developed within the framework of the IAG sub-commission for Europe (EUREF) and the International GNSS Service (IGS). Although meant as a real-time tool, it comes with some post-processing functionalities. The tool is used by REGINA for RT monitoring and managing the availibility and latency of real time data.