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Some treatment tools on REGINA mission center



Runpkr00 :

Trimble pre-processing utility allowing users of raw data from Trimble GPS / GNSS receivers to convert proprietary .r00 / .T00 / .T01 / .T02 files to .dat or .tgd files that can be read and processed by the UNAVCO teqc utility.

Teqc :

UNAVCO processing utility to translate, edit and control the quality of GNSS receiver binary formats (Trimble, Leica, Septentrio, Javad ...). The data conversion is carried out according to Rinex 2.X standard. It is a tool which allow the quality check of the data (observation rate, cycle jump, observation time, multipath, signal to noise ratio ...). Great tool that unfortunately is no longer maintained. This tool is used under REGINA mission center for Rinex 2.11 statistics and quality check.


Trimble binary data processing utility in Rinex 2.X, Rinex 3.X. and Rinex B format.


Septentrio utility for processing and resampling Septentrio binary data (SBF) in Rinex 2.X, Rinex 3.X  and Rinex B format. It is a tool of Septentrio's RxTool suite offering a multitude of tools for data analysis, receiver administration, file download ...

Anubis :

Utility from geodetic observatory Pecny to control the data quality of GNSS constellations. It allows for example to have statistics on the observables, to detect cycles slip, interruptions of the signals, signal to noise ratio in each band, multipaths... This tool is used under REGINA mission center for Rinex 3.X statistics and quality check.

Hatanaka :

Utility for compressing and decompressing Rinex observable files into an ASCII file. It is used in association with standard compression tools (compress, zip, gzip) to facilitate the dissemination of data on Internet.


RTKLIB is a program with several tools performing standard and precise positioning from GNSS signals, post-processing analysis...