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Useful links

CNES and IGN web site :

CNES : National French Space Agency

IGN : National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information

CNES links :

NTMF : The Navigation and Time Monitoring Facility

PPP-WIZARD : Precise point Positioning With Integer and Zero-difference Ambiguity Resolution Demonstrator

IGN links :

RGP : French permanent GNSS network

IGN-GEODESY : IGN geodetic and leveling service site

External links :

EPOS : European Plate Observing System

EUREF : European Reference Frame

GFZ : German Research Centre for Geosciences

IGS : International GNSS Service

RENAG : National GNSS network from french laboratories

RESIF : Seismologic and Geodetic french network

SONEL : Coastal water level observation system

UNAVCO : Non-profit university-governed consortium, facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy